Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating

Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating often specified as ASTM B841 or AMS 2417 provides exceptional corrosion resistance on steel out performing zinc or electro-galvanized plating and has comparable corrosion protection to cadmium. Zinc Nickel out performs other zinc alloys for corrosion protection at elevated temperatures of 500F and is capable of 800+ hours salt spray protection until red rust in accordance with ASTM B117 5% neutral salt spray testing.

The coating has increased wear and abrasion resistance while resisting zinc whiskering. Paramount has extensive capabilities to process high production runs making this finish cost effective while maintaining the highest quality standards and achieving outstanding coating performance.

Capacity and Capabilities:

Paramount has the capability to process Zinc Nickel alloy in bulk barrel and rack plating lines. Linear plating lines optimize quality and economics. Large production runs and large/heavy parts are handled readily.

Rack work envelope – 110” long x 50” high x 18” deep

Weight capacity-         1500 pounds


There are several Zinc Nickel plating specifications available in production. Each specification has Types and Classes that further define the specification. The following are the most frequently referenced specifications for zinc nickel alloy plating.

Specification   % Nickel
ASTM B841-99            5-12%
AMS 2417G                  6-20%
Automotive                   10-15% (most common)

It is widely accepted that the higher the nickel content the better corrosion protection up to 15%

Chromates, Passivates and Post Chromate and Non Chromate coatings are available.

Clear chromate RoHS compliant
Yellow Chromate RoHS compliant
Black Chromate RoHS compliant
Green/Olive drab Non RoHS chromium
Yellow Chromate Non RoHS chromium
Non Chrome passivates RoHS compliant

Quality Assurance:

Meeting customer requirements is the highest priority at Paramount. A trained qualified staff monitors and audits the processes. Coating characteristics and coating performance is tested before approving product for shipment. Paramount believes quality should be built into the process from the beginning of the manufacturing process.

  • ISO 9001-2008 SGS registered
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC ) employed
  • Statistical Quality Control (SQC ) employed
  • Six Sigma trained staff with active projects
  • Laboratory – In house laboratory for process control and coating testing
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