Industrial Metal Finishings

Paramount Metal Finishing applies a wide variety of function coatings for industrial applications. These coatings serve a multitude of performance characteristics such as:

  • Corrosion Protection – plating, painting, anodizing and powder coating
  • Solderability – copper plating MIL-C-14550
  • Color Coding – FED-STD-595 and RAL chart, powder coating, colored anodizing, chromates
  • Surface sealing – teflon coatings, dichromate and acetate sealing
  • Abrasion resistance – hardcoat anodizing, electroless nickel
  • Chemical resistance
  • Conductivity – tin plating MIL-T-10727, silver plating QQ-S-365, gold plating MIL-G-45204
  • High- and low- reflectivity – high and low gloss enamels
  • Lubricity – solid film lubrication MIL-PRF-46010, electroless nickel with teflon
  • Dielectric electrical resistance
  • Graphics

Paramount Metal Finishing specializes in hard to coat components and has the unique capabilities to apply a combination of finishes such as zinc plating, painting, powder coating, anodizing and graphics in one location with single-source responsibility.

Unique Capabilities:

  • Large component plating capabilities-plating and anodizing of parts up to 12 ft long, 5 ft deep.
  • Combination finishes – plating, painting, powder coating, anodizing in one location with single source responsibility.
  • Automated chain-on-edge lines for high production painting and powder coating of small components and cylindrical parts
  • Automated anodizing & plating lines – barrel and rack:

º Hoist rack – zinc and phosphate lines
º Hoist anodizing, chromate and passivation lines
º Hoist electroless nickel, tin and copper line
º Hoist barrel tin, copper, nickel and electroless nickel
º Hoist barrel phosphate, chemical film, passivation, cleaning and etching

  • Overhead paint and powder coating conveyor line
  • Vibratory finishing
  • Abrasive blasting:

º Large part blast chamber-60 cubic feet
º Abrasive blasting chamber-10 cubic feet

  • Graphic Applications:

º Screen printing
º Pad printing
º Laser engraving
º Stamp printing
º Stenciling

º Precision masking of plated and painted components